Café Creperie has created a fun, interactive French experience. We have built up quite a dedicated group of school visitors who come back year after year. We invite classes of all age groups from elementary through high school – both core and immersion.  Our staff converse with the students in French and they are encouraged to order ‘en francais’ from a specially prepared French menu. As we say jokingly to them, “Si vous ne parlez pas en Francais, vous ne mangez pas!” After they enjoy their crepes, we teach two students how it’s done and they get to prepare crepes for their classmates. Often the group will attend a French film at the quaint Gorge Cinema directly across the street, making the whole day a fabulous French experience. (Gorge Cinema 519-846-0191 gorgecinema@gmail.com)


Café Creperie is always happy to support local clubs, churches and charitable organizations. We take part in many community events such as “Grandmothers for the Grand, Grand Taste, and school fundraisers, charity fund raisers and youth groups. In 2014, Grand Taste raised $35,000 to go to Groves Memorial Hospital. 

This week we will be closed for a school group on Friday Nov. 9th, from 9am until 1pm.

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Please note we are now closed on Mondays until next Spring.

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Saturday and Sunday we are open from 10am - 4pm. Holiday Monday from 11am - 2pm.

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